Jordan facilitates visas for visitors

Jordan’s Ministry of Interior on Monday launched the Electronic Visa Project that aims to facilitate the entry procedures for travelers into the kingdom.

The project would enable travelers to obtain their visas and pay their fees electronically before their arrival, without having to visit border centers and diplomatic missions abroad, said Interior Minister Mazen Faraya in a statement.

Meanwhile, the option to obtain visas upon arrival at border centers would still be available, he added.

Faraya emphasized that the project is in line with Jordan’s efforts to attract investments, and encourage various types of tourism to promote the kingdom to be a tourist destination.

Furthermore, foreign students studying at Jordanian universities are now allowed to renew their residency permits directly through security centers without the need for prior approval from the ministry.

The new project was in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, and with the efforts of all related entities, Faraya said. ■

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