Jordan summons Israeli ambassador in protest against remarks by Israeli minister

Jordan on Monday summoned the Israeli ambassador in Amman to protest against the Israeli finance minister’s public use of a “provocative” map that included the borders of the kingdom and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Also on Monday, Jordan’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement, strongly slamming Bezalel Smotrich’s behavior in violation of the 1994 peace treaty between Jordan and Israel.

The Jordanian ministry called on the international community to condemn Smotrich’s “provocative acts,” vowing to take all “necessary political and legal” countermeasures.

Israeli media reported that during an event held in Paris on Sunday, Smotrich spoke from a podium that featured a map of “Greater Israel” that included the territory of modern-day Jordan, in accordance with hardline aspirations by some early Zionist groups.

The far-right minister also stated that there was “no such thing as Palestinians.” ■

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