Turkish coast guards rescue 77 illegal migrants off western coast

The Turkish Coast Guard said in a statement on Wednesday that it has rescued 77 illegal migrants off the country’s western Aegean coast.

These illegal migrants, who were found in a rubber boat off the coast of Ayvacik district, Canakkale Province, were handed over to local authorities in Ayvacik for deportation, according to the statement.

The Aegean Sea was once the main route for illegal migrants trying to reach Europe via Türkiye, before a deal was signed in March 2016 between Türkiye and the European Union to curb the flow of illegal migrants.

With a population of more than 85 million, Türkiye is one of the world’s major havens for refugees and is currently home to more than 4 million refugees. Some migrants arrive in Turkey to seek refuge from violence in its neighboring countries, while others hope to immigrate illegally further into Europe.

Worsening global economic conditions have tested Türkiye’s ability to accommodate the refugees it takes in, and led to tighter border control policies and a higher rate of deportations. ■

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