EU cannot “blindly, systematically follow” Washington: European Council president

European leaders are becoming increasingly supportive of French President Emmanuel Macron’s push for “strategic autonomy” away from the United States, European Council president Charles Michel said on Tuesday.

More and more European Union leaders have echoed Macron’s comments that Europe should resist pressure to become “America’s followers,” Michel told the U.S.-based POLITICO news service.

“On the issue of the relationship with the United States, it’s clear that there can be nuances and sensitivities around the table of the European Council… I think quite a few really think like Emmanuel Macron,” the European Council president said.

“There is indeed a great attachment that remains present, and Emmanuel Macron has said nothing else, for this alliance with the United States. But if this alliance with the United States would suppose that we blindly, systematically follow the position of the United States on all issues, no,” he said. ■

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