Jordan seeks to boost e-commerce

Experts in Jordan are hailing the National E-Commerce Strategy introduced earlier this month as a potential game changer that could boost e-commerce and drive economic growth in the kingdom.

The 10-year strategy, which started in 2023, is expected to provide much-needed guidelines to regulate the emerging industry in Jordan and encourage entrepreneurs in various sectors to shift their businesses online.

The strategy was adopted by Jordan’s cabinet in early April to create a favorable environment for e-commerce that could attract investment and business, provide better income opportunities for people, and absorb modern technologies to enhance the competitiveness of local enterprises.

“This strategy comes at the right time as we are witnessing an expanded volume of e-commerce in Jordan. Also, online payments soared, and stores are embracing their online presence, including establishing their websites and social media pages to sell their products,” Ibrahim Ali, an expert in IT startups, told Xinhua on Sunday.

Ali stressed the need for the proper regulation of online businesses, stating that precise regulations would benefit both sides of the trade and enhance the overall experience of e-commerce.

Experts believe that Jordan has the necessary infrastructure for increased adoption of e-commerce, and the strategy focuses on key aspects that would help upgrade the industry.

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, mobile subscribers in Jordan, a country with around 11.2 million people, reached 7.6 million by the end of 2022, with around 7 million internet users.

Ali noted that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift in people’s consuming habits towards online shopping, and he believes this trend will continue.

Nidal Saleem, a technology news analyst at the Jordan Press Foundation, pointed out that many well-known regional e-commerce startups have originated from Jordan and have been created by Jordanian talents, making the strengthening of the sector through the national strategy a step in the right direction.

Saleem also highlighted the booming of online payments in Jordan, with over 78 million electronic payment transactions recorded in 2022, according to a recent report by the Jordan Payments and Clearing Company.

“This ambitious strategy would significantly facilitate e-commerce in Jordan, improving consumption, job creation, and overall economic growth. The plan also aligns perfectly with the nation’s broader vision of becoming a knowledge-based economy driven by innovation and digital technology,” Saleem added. ■

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