Cyprus capital bike ride“Cycling in the city 2023” success

The Minister of Transport, Alexis Vafeades, has successfully launched, for the second consecutive year, the annual capital bike ride entitled “Cycling in the city 2023”.

The bike ride covered approximately a 13km-long distance along the main roads of the urban and historic parts of Nicosia, connecting Aglantzia, Nicosia and Strovolos with a bike. Mr Vafeades cycled together with members of the diplomatic corps and hundreds of citizens of all ages, sending the message that cycling is a joyful, healthy, yet essential way of transportation.

“CYcling in the City 2023” is an initiative of the Embassy of the Netherlands to Cyprus and was organized together with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works.

Vafeades, committed to move forward with the introduction of safe bike paths that would enable easy bicycle access to the city and stressed how this means of transport is not only a quick and easy way to move around town but also great exercise and a way to reduce vehicular pollution.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands, Elke Merks-Schaapveld, said “I’m thrilled to see the excitement in this group for the benefits of urban cycling. The bicycle is a symbol of freedom, and initiatives like Cycling in the City and Bike2Work (another joint initiative between the Ministry and the Embassy) make it accessible to everyone. Thank you to all who helped organize this event, and to those who joined us on this journey towards a cycling-friendly future”.

The President of the House Committee on Transportation Marinos Moushouttas stated that the Committee is ready to support the plans of the Government for a greener, more user-friendly transportation and help mitigate the existing congestion problems of the country.


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