Lebanon: Demand for Chinese electric vehicles

Demand for Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) in the Lebanese market has surged over the past two years, according to car exhibitors at the 2nd edition of the E-MotorShow Middle East for Electric & Hybrid cars, who expected that Chinese cars will capture the biggest share in Lebanon’s car market in the coming years.

Suk Bajwa, a sales consultant at JAC Motors, a Chinese automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer, told Xinhua that an increasing number of Chinese car brands entered the Lebanese market over the past two years, creating fierce competition against other brands.

“This trend is attributed to Lebanese people’s shift to Chinese brands, which offer leather interiors, panoramic roofs, 360 cameras, and more configurations at good prices, compared to other brands,” said Bajwa.

Bajwa explained the Lebanese began to know more about Chinese cars from their relatives who live in countries where these cars are popular, such as Africa, Brazil, and other Mideast countries.

The e-MotorShow, organized by e-EcoSolutions Sustainability Firm, runs from May 10 to 14 with the participation of 18 car brands and 20 motorbike brands, providing an opportunity to showcase the newly released top brands of EVs arriving in Lebanon.

Gilbert Tegho, CEO of e-EcoSolutions, told Xinhua that around one-third of the car brands participating in the exhibition are Chinese.

Elie Makhlouf, a sales consultant at Ras Motor Co., a distributor of China’s Chang’an Automobile and other brands, said his company started importing Chinese vehicles in 2017.

“Demand for Chinese car brands in Lebanon over the past two years increased by over 50 percent, and they may rank among the top three brands soon,” said Makhlouf, adding “China is considered a lead manufacturer of EVs.”

Hadi Sidawi, senior sales executive at BYD, a Chinese car manufacturing company, told Xinhua that many of the population now have access to solar energy and generators for recharging EVs, and Chinese brands are “number one in manufacturing batteries for EVs.

The e-MotorShow witnessed the launching of a new Chinese e-vehicle by Gargour Asia company, a renowned vehicle importer in Lebanon, on Wednesday.

Elie Assaf, a business development specialist at Gargour Asia, told Xinhua that Skywell is his company’s first Chinese vehicle. He expects the car will be in huge demand in Lebanon with its affordable price, great specs, safety standards, and extended warranty.

Assaf noted that his company is planning on importing other Chinese brands soon, saying “Chinese cars are the future.” ■

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