China keeps position as Israel’s largest source of imports

Israel’s goods imports from China, excluding diamonds, amounted to 2.62 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter of 2023, according to recent data issued by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics.

China thus kept its position as Israel’s largest source of imports, surpassing the United States, from which Israeli imports totaled 2.07 billion dollars in January-March, Germany, and Türkiye, according to the bureau.

The main Israeli imports from China are machinery, electrical equipment, textiles, base metals, and vehicles, it said.

The data also showed that Israeli imports from China accounted for 11.3 percent of total Israeli imports in January-March, which stand at 23.1 billion dollars.

Israeli exports to China excluding diamonds amounted to 729.1 million U.S. dollars in the first quarter, while total Israeli exports reached 14.79 billion U.S. dollars in this period.

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