Education drive encourages reading in Gaza

Dozens of children in the Gaza Strip recently took part in a cultural event aimed at encouraging their peers to read and learn.

“This event was organized as part of an integrated program of cultural activities dedicated to children in order to encourage them to read and learn,” Mariam Zaqout, General Director of the Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA), the sponsor and organizer, explained.

Banners were read as “Reading is a way of life,” “Reading takes us to other worlds,” and “Reading helps us refine our minds with knowledge and benefit.”

She added that “we seek to build a generation that loves reading and knowledge in order to enrich the Palestinian culture and values that enhance their sense of belonging to their homeland and society at the same time.”

Zaqout explained that her organization is implementing an integrated cultural program that includes theatrical and musical performances, in addition to reading competitions, which encourage children to read more than one book per week.

Attia Shaat, public relations officer at the CFTA, said that “it is important to invest in social media to encourage children to read in pleasurable ways, in order to develop their personality, provide various informational sources and motivate them to research and learn.” ■

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