174,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory are littered with explosives

Ukraine is launching a new state policy on humanitarian demining, which envisages the update of mine action standards.

The new policy stipulates implementing a national mine action program and creating a market for demining services with the involvement of international operators, said a statement on the government website.

The policy also provides for carrying out education and communication campaigns and actively involving innovative technologies.

Although 30 partner countries and organizations provide support to Ukraine in the area of humanitarian demining, the country still needs more demining specialists and equipment, the statement said.

According to Ukrainian authorities, about 174,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory are littered with explosives, and some 1,700 bomb disposal engineers and 12 demining vehicles are involved in the efforts to clear Ukrainian lands from landmines.

The Ukrainian government has identified mine clearance as one of the five key priorities for the country’s rapid recovery. ■

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