Thirty-six Cypriot antiquities repatriated to Cyprus from Australia

Thirty-six Cypriot antiquities have been repatriated to Cyprus from Australia.

The repatriation was made possible following the considerate initiatives of private individuals in Australia, who voluntarily decided to return these precious objects to their place of origin.

The antiquities date to various chronological periods, ranging from the Bronze Age to the Roman period and include stone tools, pottery and glass vessels, clay lamps, metal objects and stone sculpture.

The repatriation of the thirty-six Cypriot antiquities was made possible through the joint efforts of the Australian authorities, the Australian National University, the University of Sydney, in close collaboration with the Cypriot competent Authorities.

The Department of Antiquities, as the competent Department of the Republic of Cyprus for the protection and management of the cultural heritage of Cyprus, says it will continue its intensive efforts to protect cultural heritage and promote the repatriation of cultural objects to their place of origin.

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