Statisticians in Cyprus begin Structure of Earnings Survey

The Statistical Service of Cyprus (CYSTAT) has launched a Structure of Earnings Survey for 2022.

The Survey, one of the largest carried out by the CYSTAT, is conducted according to the recommendations and methodologies of the Statistical Service of the EU (Eurostat), in order to analyze the structure of earnings so as:

  • To estimate the general level of employees’ hourly, monthly and annual earnings
  • To study the effect of various factors (gender, occupation, education level, etc.) on the level of earnings of employees
  • To calculate indicators such as the Gender Pay Gap
  • To compare the level of earnings between different groups of employees (private/public sector, full-time/part-time employees etc.)

The Survey will cover 40.000 employees from 2.350 enterprises in Cyprus, as well as government departments.

The collection and recording of the data will be carried out by specially trained enumerators, through personal computer-assisted interviews at each enterprise. All enumerators will bear a special identity card, which will certify their authorization to collect the relevant information.

The data collection phase will be spread over a 7-month period, from May 2023 to December 2023.

CYSTAT urges all enterprises which have been randomly selected to take part in the Survey, to cooperate with the enumerators who will be visiting them and provide all the information requested.

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