Arab Forum discusses the prevention of earthquakes

Arab experts and policymakers attended a forum in Algiers to discuss ways to prevent earthquakes and mitigate their impact.

The two-day Arab Forum for the Prevention of Earthquakes, which was organized by the Arab Center for the Prevention of Earthquakes and Other Natural Hazards (ACPENH), brought together representatives from across the region.

In his opening remarks, ACPENH General Director Amer Belhadj Aissa said the Arab region is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes and that it is essential for Arab countries to work together to address this threat.

Afra Hamid, the National Representative of Major Hazards at the Algerian Interior Ministry, discussed the geological situation of the Arab region, noting that several Arab countries are located on seismic fault lines.

They also heard from a representative from Syria, who shared the country’s experience in dealing with an earthquake that struck in February. ■

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