Lebanon: New wave of illegal border crossing from Syria

Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib on Friday voiced concerns about a new wave of illegal border crossing from Syria, the Elnashra news website reported.

Following a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in Beirut, Bou Habib said he had talked about this issue with the latter, who also discussed this matter with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to find solutions, said the report.

Bou Habib cited worsening economic problems in Syria as a major factor behind the recent influx of Syrian refugees.

Last month, the Lebanese army announced that it thwarted the illegal entry attempt of around 1,550 Syrian nationals in two weeks.

The Lebanese security forces have been trying to crack down on human smuggling in areas bordering Syria.

With an estimated 1.5 million Syrian refugees residing within its borders, Lebanon bears the weight of hosting the largest number of refugees per capita. The large presence of Syrian refugees has put a strain on Lebanon’s resources and created widespread discontent among its citizens.

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