Lebanon needs dialogue to resolve presidential election impasse

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Monday called on political blocs to initiate a dialogue to resolve the presidential election impasse in September.

Lebanon has been without a president since former President Michel Aoun’s term ended in October last year.

So far, the parliament has held 12 election sessions, but failed to pick a head of state as neither of the two main blocs — Hezbollah and its allies and their opponents– have the majority.

“In September, we should find a solution to this crisis. I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to elect a president of the republic in September,” Berri said in an interview with the daily al-Joumhouriya on Monday.

He said that he had called for a seven-day dialogue, and regardless of its outcome, he would call for open sessions until a president is elected.

Having been suffering from an unprecedented financial crisis, Lebanon urgently needs to elect a president and form a new cabinet to implement necessary reforms and set the country on the path of recovery.

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