Israeli Air Force receives advanced drones for reconnaissance, attack missions

The Israeli Air Force has received its first array of advanced “spark” drones for reconnaissance and attack missions, the military said on Monday in a statement.

At a ceremony held at the Hatzor Air Force Base in central Israel, the drones were handed over to the Air Force’s 144th Squadron, which was converted into a UAV squadron in 2022.

The advanced drone will enable the troops to act aggressively and effectively based on the data the drone receives, the military said in the statement.

The aircraft is capable of remaining in the air for 24 consecutive hours, and its small size, approximately 5.4 meters wide, makes it difficult to detect and intercept.

It is designed to carry out “contractual missions, intelligence operations, ground force escorts, strike coordination, and more,” the military said. It is developed by Rafael, a state-owned defense company, and Aeronautics, an Israeli manufacturer of military drones. ■

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