Israeli, Greek air forces conclude joint exercise


The Israeli and Greek air forces completed on Wednesday a joint exercise, simulating long-range attack flights, the Israeli military said in a statement on Thursday.

The exercise featured “dozens of fighter jets from various squadrons, refueling tankers and the Israel Air Force’s surveillance aircraft,” the statement read.

During the operation, the aircraft embarked on long-range flights covering thousands of kilometers, traversing from Israeli airspace to Greek territory and back. In Greece, the fighter jets exercised low-altitude flying and live weapons drops within designated zones amid harsh weather conditions, the military said.

The collaborative effort marked a “wing-to-wing cooperation with the Hellenic Air Force while learning from one another and sharing operational knowledge,” according to the military.

The exercise forms part of a yearlong series of drills carried out by the Israel Air Force that aim at “improving the operational and mental readiness for long-range flights, refueling, extensive striking and achieving air superiority,” the military added. ■

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