Türkiye experiences driest August in decades

Türkiye has experienced the driest August in the last 33 years, the country’s meteorological authority said last night.

In a report, the General Directorate of Meteorology noted a 57-percent decrease in precipitation in August compared to the 1991-2021 averages and a 60-percent drop from last August.

The report highlights the meteorological drought as a widespread concern, which impacted nearly the entire Marmara and Black Sea regions in August.

In the month, the northwestern region of Marmara, known as the country’s granary, saw a 74-percent decrease in precipitation compared to the 1991-2021 averages and a 90-percent decline from August 2022.

The region is also home to Türkiye’s largest city, Istanbul, where the water levels in its ten dams dropped to 26.57 percent as of Thursday.

According to experts, Istanbul, whose daily water need is more than 3 million cubic meters, is facing a severe water shortage.

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