Welcome to the Famagusta Gazette, a news site with a truly Mediterranean perspective.

Using a blend of our own journalism supplemented by news agency reports, Famagusta Gazette – known as ‘FG’ – covers events in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Malta and Gibraltar.

We were founded in 2005 with the mission to provide the south east region of Cyprus with an English language local newspaper, distributed by Hellenic Press.

During our print years, we produced a full colour newspaper packed with features, insightful opinion pieces, engaging long reads, TV Guide, sports news and classifieds.

With the popularity of the internet, our print operation moved entirely online in 2010, and our editorial stance diversified to covering our neighbours across the Mediterranean region, a rich and varied news market.

In addition to our Mediterranean perspective, we also publish extensive coverage of world news, energy and climate, travel and tourism features, and financial information.

The maintenance of high editorial standards is at the core of our philosophy. Since our inception, our stories and features have been extensively quoted in magazines, radio, newspapers, academic papers, and books.

You’ll notice we refrain from publishing clickbait, irrelevant guff designed to fill pages, dry long-winded articles, and seldomly use opinion pieces. Advertising is not intrusive, and largely absent from our front page.

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